1. So true ! Strive to be the best person you can be !!!

  2. Strive to make your dreams come true, to be the best person you can be and the most successful person you want to see, do it for the ones who have always wanted to see you fail so that one day you can smile in their face knowing you are better off ! ❤

  3. #sunset #beach #liguria #italy actually this is the best sunset I’ve ever seen Liguria 2012 miss Italy :) xxx

  4. One of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen want to be back in Torino right now :) !!

  5. Hot dog in the snow :)

  6. Legendary Carlo Scarpa, missing Verona heaps :)

  7. Rose’s bakery is open again with the most amazing cupcakes in the world !!!

  8. Autumn colour palette is my fav !!!

  9. Bring me back to Paris :)

  10. Stunning dresses I want them all !!!!